March 17, 2018 D4MH

Support The Drive For Men’s Health


The purpose of the Drive for Men’s Health marathon is to increase awareness of men’s health issues and to encourage men to make their health a priority.

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Support The Drive For Men’s Health

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19,000 Miles, International Reach, Changing Lives

In 2019, during its sixth annual campaign, the Drive for Men’s Health is taking our message across the globe. We’ll be spreading the word about why it’s so important for men to be proactive about their health starting in Central Florida then traveling to India and Dubai to take the #Drive4Men international!

The Drive includes:

  • 19,000+ miles from Florida to India to Dubai and back
  • Streaming interviews with men from throughout the world about the health issues that most concern them
  • Bringing the message that lifestyle – and life-saving – health issues don’t have to be taboo subjects
  • Supporting research and scholarships for future health leaders



Men’s health issues are important but they aren’t always discussed regularly and openly. It’s important that men are aware of health issues they could face and know it is ok to talk about these issues with their doctor, friends and family.


  1. Men are 24% less likely to go to the doctor than women.
  2. 100,000 men live with chronic testicular pain each year.
  3. 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives.
  4. 230,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.
  5. Men are 2 times as likely to die from melanoma than women.
  6. Men can get breast cancer! There are roughly 2,000+ cases a year and 400 deaths!
  7. The average man’s life expectancy is almost 5 years less than a woman’s.
  8. 6 million men are diagnosed with depression each year. Millions more won’t talk about it.
  9. Men who sit 6+ hours a day have an 18% higher chance of dying from heart disease or diabetes.
  10. “Macho Man” culture means men are less likely to talk about physical and mental health.

Much of this is preventable with lifestyle changes and open communication. Opening this dialogue is why we Drive for Men’s Health.


Proceeds from the Drive for Men’s Health will go to support local and national initiatives advancing the health and wellbeing of men throughout the country.