May 22, 2014 D4MH

The 411 on Drive For Men’s Health

A member of our community posed a question for Drive For Men’s Health

So can you tell me again, in writing, how this idea came about, what the goals are, what the plan is, and who is supporting and helping you with this project? -Brian

Thank you Brian, Drive For Men’s Health has the answers for you!

How did the idea “Drive For Men’s Health” came about:

Drive for Men's Health Slideshow ImageI purchased a TESLA Model S last year – and its an amazing car. Its one of those cars that makes you smile when you press on the accelerator. Dr.Brahmbhatt also loves the car and my music selection (Katy Perry) and so we were thinking of how we could go on a long trip up to New York in the TESLA using the new TESLA superchargers along the east coast. We realized it would take a while and we would have some time at the charging stations every 150-200 miles (about 30-45 mins to charge the car).

That’s when we came up with the idea of perhaps doing a mens health event linked to this drive. We thought it would be really cool to do a mens health event to promote health awareness around things that men may be interested in – cars, technology, green energy & the future. What if we could wrap it all together.

What are the Drive For Men’s Health Goals:

Our goal is to create an engaging, interesting and fun event (and by the way – also subtly promote guys to take better care of themselves). We are also running a fundraising campaign on indiegogo to raise funds for genetic studies in mens health issues (such as chronic pain) and raise scholarship funding for our future innovators aspiring to attend the new Florida Polytechnic University in Lakeland, FL. We want to invest in our future (our youth and up and coming researchers trying to solve mens health issues).

What is the Drive For Men’s Health Plan:

Drive For Men's Health Facebook PageWe will be driving up the east coast in an all electric TESLA Model S – only stopping to charge along the way using the TESLA supercharging stations. We will be having over 40 distinguished physician speakers from around the globe talking about various mens health issues – from addiction to robotics. We will have live web video streaming, twitter, Facebook, etc during the entire drive so that men can ask whatever questions they want and were afraid to ask about from experts in various fields. We want to start a conversation, change our attitudes and take better care of ourselves. Anyone can follow us and get more info about the Drive at:

We will start off with a really amazing car show at the South Lake Hospital parking lot on Thursday June 12th from 7:30-8:30am and then take off at 8:30am – going through 9 different charging stations up highway 95 till we finally reach the TESLA showroom in Manhattan on Friday June 13th at 8am. We will have a welcoming party there from 8am to 10am. The South Lake Chamber of Commerce will send us off from Clermont and the New York Chamber of Commerce will receive us in New York. The University of Michigan Alumni club will send us off in Clermont & welcome us in NYC. The city of Clermont will give us a gift to bring to the city of New York. My dad and Dr.B’s dad will by driving up together as well to support our cause.

It’s just so Different, so Pure and has the potential to make a change – its going to be Epic !!

We are planning on doing this every year (2015: Clermont-NYC-LA, 2016: Germany, 2017: China)

The Drive For Men’s Health Supporters

We have the gracious support of a number of entities:

  • Genomic Health & South Lake Hospital (The PUR Clinic) – our title sponsors.
  • Other sponsors: Intuitive Surgical, Vascular Technology Inc., Urolift, Healthtronics, Qdx Pathology, United HealthCare, Clermont Pharmacy, Lake County & the South Lake Chamber of Commerce, the City of Clermont, RAMSES – The Robotic Assisted Microsurgical & Endoscopic Society, Florida Polytechnic University, The University of Michigan Central Florida Alumni Club, DJ Doc, Skillful Antics, Stoma Cloak, Tezz Mobile Solutions, AFOMO (A Family of My Own Fertility Conference) & STAR (Science & Technology Advancement through Robotics).
  • Other support: The Clermont Police Department, Commissioner Sean Parkes, numerous community leaders, physicians and individuals (kind enough to bring out their cars for the Car Show in Clermont), the Porsche Club of North Carolina (bringing our cars in NC), The New York University of Michigan Alumni Club, the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Red Bull, over 40 physician speakers from all around the world.
  • Mens Health Network & the AUA Care Foundation.
  • Program: Dr. B & Dr.P, PR & logistics – South Lake Hospital (Kim Couch), aDeo Media (Shannon Sayre & Alayne Reid), Web & Social media (Skillful Antics – Ben Homan), AV – DJ Doc (Jonathan & his team), Video – Akers Media (Fred Lopez & team)