April 25, 2014 D4MH

10 Men’s health facts you may not know!

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[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]Men are 24% less likely to go to the doctor than women.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]100,000 live with chronic testicular pain each year.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]1 in 2 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lives.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]230,000 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]Men are 2 times as likely to die of melanoma than women.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]Men can get breast cancer! Roughly 2,000+ cases a year and 400 deaths![/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]Men’s life expectancy is almost 5 years lower than women’s.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]6 million men are diagnosed with depression each year. Millions more won’t talk about it.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]Men who sit 6+ hours a day have an 18% higher chance of dying from heart disease or diabetes.[/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-right-open”]”Macho man” culture means men are less likely to talk about physical and mental health.[/icon_list_line]

Much of this is preventable with lifestyle changes and open communication. Opening this conversation is why we drive!